Data of the company

In fulfillment of article 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11 of July, Services of the Society of the Information and Electronic Commerce, next the identification data of the company are exposed.

Name: Importaciones Milenio

Social denomination: Limited society.

CIF: B-38.525.564

Street: Camino Cruz Colorada Nº2, 38.530 Candelaria, Tenerife, España

Telephone: +34-922-506-542

Direction of electronic mail:

2. Copyright

The source code, the graphical designs, the images, the photography’s, the sounds, the animations, software, the texts, as well as the information and the contents that take shelter in name of company are protected by the Spanish legislation on the rights of intellectual and industrial property in favor of social of the company and not denomination allow to the reproduction and/or publication, total or partisan, of the Web site, neither its computer science treatment, its distribution, its diffusion, nor its modification, transformation, nor other rights recognized its holder legally, without the previous permission and in writing of he himself, name of the company.

The user, only and exclusively, can use the material that appears in this Web site for its personal and deprived use, being prohibited his use with commercial aims or to incur illicit activities. All the rights derived from the intellectual property specifically are reserved by name of the company.

Importaciones Milenio will guard by the fulfillment of the previous conditions like by the due use of the contents presented/displayed in its pages Web, exercising all the civil actions and penal that corresponds in the case of infraction or breach to him of these rights on the part of the user.

3.Protection of personal character data

Within the framework of the fulfillment of the effective legislation, collection in Statutory law 15/1999, of 13 of December, on protection of Data of Character Personal (LOPD), whose object is to specially guarantee and to protect, in which it concerns the treatment of the personal data, the liberties and fundamental rights of the physical people, and of its honor and personal privacy, name of the company informs to the users into which: name of company adopted the technical and organized measures according to the arranged thing in the effective norm.

The Personal Character data that gather name of company is object of automated treatment and incorporate properly registered in the Agency of Protection of Data, whose titular corresponds to name of the company. The obtained personal Character data in the form for the registry of dominion names are transferred to the Authority or National Organ or the competent registration International. This transference has like objective, only and exclusively, the fulfillment of aims directly related to the legitimate functions of the assigning one (the company) through contract, that is to say, the registry of the dominion name. The collection and automated treatment of the Personal Character data have like purpose the maintenance of the contractual relation that in its case settles down with name of the company, as well as the performance of the information tasks, formation, commercialization (always identified task this last one like so) and other own activities of the company.

Name of the company has adopted the suitable levels of security to the data that are facilitated and, in addition, have settled all means and technical measures to its reach to avoid the loss, badly use, alteration, non authorized access and robbery of the data that they facilitate to us. The user will be able, at any moment, to exercise the rights recognized in the LOPD, of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition.

4. Various

A.- According to the established thing in LSSICE 34/2002 we informed to him that the data collected by means of the present page Web adjust to the obligations and requirements sprung from the same one like the parameters determined by LOPD 15/99. On the basis of this legislation we informed that the holder is IMPORTS MILLENIUM SL, with NIF/CIF B38525564y social address to him in WAY RED CROSS, 2, 38530 CANDLEMAS. For any explanation or it consults can be put in contact with us in the 922506542 or by electronic mail in the direction:

B. - Importaciones Milenio uses cookies that will remain stored in the computer. The cookies are small archives that our computer sends to his, but that they do not provide information to us nor on his name, nor on any personal character data his. The cookies that we used cannot read data of their computer nor read the cookies that exist in their computer.

When the user is sailing by the pages Web of name of the company the servant where he is lodged automatically recognizes direction IP of his computer, the day and the hour in which he begins the visit, in which he leaves the visit, as well as information on the different consulted sections. It is necessary that the servant knows these data to be able to communicate and to send the made request to him and that through navigator can be seen in the screen.

If you wish it you can form its navigator so that she warns to him in the screen if she is going to receive a cookie. The user can form his computer so that he does not receive these cookies, this fact will not prevent that can be acceded to the information of the Web site Web of the company.

C. - Importaciones Milenio will be able to modify, without previous warning, the information contained in its Web site, as well as its configuration and presentation.

D. - Importaciones Milenio is committed through this means NOT TO MAKE DECEPTIVE PUBLICITY. To this end, therefore, the formal errors will not be considered like deceptive publicity or numerical that can be throughout the content of the different sections from the Web of name of the company, produced as a result of a maintenance and/or incomplete or defective update of the contained information it is these sections. Name of the company, as a result of the arranged thing in this section, is committed to correct as soon as has it knowledge of these errors.

E. - Importaciones Milenio is committed NOT TO SEND COMMERCIAL COMMUNICATIONS WITHOUT IDENTIFYING THEM LIKE SUCH, according to the arranged thing in Law 34/2002 of Services of the Society of the Information and of electronic commerce. To this end all the information will not be considered like commercial communication that is sent TO the CLIENTS of name of company always that has by purpose the maintenance of the existing contractual relation between client and name of the company, as well as the performance of the information tasks, formation and other own activities of the service that the client has contracted with the company.

F. - Importaciones Milenio person in charge is not made of the breach of any applicable norm which the user in his access to the Web site Web of the company and/or in the use of the information contained in he himself can incur.

G.- Importaciones Milenio will not be responsible for the produced damages and damages or which they can take place, whatever it is its nature, that is derived from the use of the information, of the matters contained in this web site and of the programs that incorporate. The connections (Links) and hypertext that they make possible, through Web site of the company, to accede to the user to benefits and services offered by third, do not belong nor are under the control of name of the company; this organization becomes person in charge neither of the information contained in such nor of any effects that could be derived from this information.

H. - Importaciones Milenio person in charge is not made of the use illegitimacy that third people can do of the mark names, product names, trade names that, not being property of this organization, appear in Web Web of the company. One does not take responsibility either of integrity, veracity and conformity of the content of the connections to webs to which it can be acceded from Web of the company.

I. - Importaciones Milenio does not take responsibility of the virus that have their origin in a transmission Telemetric infiltrated by third parts (for example, the macros of text processors, the applet of Java and the programs Activate X), generated with the purpose of obtaining negative results for a computer science system.

J. - Really, the User is the only person in charge of the use that makes of the services, contents, I connect (links) and hypertext including in the Web site of the company.

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